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Taxi By Night

A vampire drives a taxi in the streets of New Wenders · By MiniChimera, Siebel3D


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Version 0.2.0 is here!
Hello! Version 0.2.0 is finally available! There are 3 new stories to play and a bunch of improvements. My friend and collaborator Nathan Gould has done an exce...
4 files — 0.2.0
A Short Poem
Not much of an update, but a friend of mine wrote a short poem inspired by Taxi by Night and I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to post it here, hope yo...
Point 665
Hello! A quick post to share recent updates. Last week @SiebelGustavo finished a new model for the "Point 665", the bar that appears in several stories from Tax...
New Wenders Night Radio
Hello! Still working on the next update. Two stories are already in, still one to go! One of the stories features a character that will show up quite often, the...
Point 665
Hello, This post is more like a #screenshotsaturday thing. This is a new environment that will probably be featured in the next update, a shady bar on East Sid...
Early Access is here!
Taxi by Night has finally launch on early access, and just in time for the itch Halloween Sale! You can get a 10% launch discount during the next 10 days! If yo...
3 files — 0.1.6
Early Access Coming Soon!
Hello! I wanted to make a devlog post highlighting some of the changes before we launch the early access version, which should happen in one or two weeks, if no...
Lucio's Lucky Night - Kindle Version!
Hello! Big news! I just published a short interactive story for Kindle ! The story is part of Taxi By Night , and will also be featured in the game, along with...
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Why should I buy the game now? Probably the most appealing thing for you: it’s cheaper . As we update the game with ne...
started by MiniChimera Oct 22, 2019
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