Version 0.2.0 is here!


Version 0.2.0 is finally available! There are 3 new stories to play and a bunch of improvements. My friend and collaborator Nathan Gould has done an excellent job editing all stories. No only the overall quality of the text has increased immensely, but new dialog has been added as well.

As for some visual changes, the lighting has been fixed in order for the game not be so dark in some areas. You can see a comparison below. 

Also, Siebel3d has made an all new model for the Point665 Bar. You can see a comparison on this recent post.

The game also has an autosave system now (manual saving coming in the future). And there's a menu where you can see all stories and mark them as played, in order to make it easier to replay them.

You can find a full changelog inside the menu as well for a complete list! As for the next version, I'm planing to add 4 new stories, and a whole new area (neighborhood), the French Quarter.

This update will be a big one, and as I mentioned before, I will increase the price of the game whenever I make one of these. So get it now if you want to get a discount!



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Version 0.2.0 Apr 25, 2020 109 MB
Version 0.2.0 Apr 25, 2020 121 MB
Version 0.2.0 Apr 25, 2020 96 MB
Version 0.2.0 Apr 25, 2020

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