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Blackout: The Darkest Night

Once you glimpse behind the shadows, you’ll never be the same. · By MiniChimera


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Sneak Peek and Word count!
Hello! It's been a while since the last update on how Blackout is coming along, so I decided to share some details. The text is finally complete and fully edite...
Blackout Devlog - Flashback Puzzles
Hello! This week I've spent some time working on a crucial part of the game: Flashbacks! The flashbacks hold some very important story moments, and they have a...
The Map of New Wenders
Hello! On this post, I will write about something very important that we have been working on for a long time: the map of New Wenders! We're not Bethesda, so we...
Work in progress for an in-game gallery where you'll be able to see the art unlocked throughout the game. Other than that, I've been spending a good amount of t...
UI Sound Effects, Ambiance Music and More
Hello, Spent a good amount of time this week with UI stuff like text auto typing, buttons and images appearing smoothly/timely and... settings to turn most of i...
Keyboard controls, minigames and more!
Hello! At first I decided to add keyboard control to make testing easier and faster (also tendinitis), but then I realized it might actually be a better way to...
Adding cutscenes
Adding "cutscenes" for some images. Still WIP. I first used this effect on the teaser trailer , but I liked the effect so much that I decided to add it to the g...
January Devlog - Saving System and Flashbacks!
Hello all! January has been quite productive around here, I started the month by implementing my saving system, which would also come in handy because now that...