Progress over the last month


It's been a month since we released the early access version of Blackout. Not a lot of fancy stuff to share now, lately I've been collecting all the feedback we've been getting which has been really cool and helpful!

I also created a newsletter, to people who are interested in becoming beta testers for the final version =)

A lot of my time over the past month was spent finalizing my CYOA framework, since I'm not using twine or ink I had to do all from the ground up. I chose to go this route because it gives me more freedom to implement the features I need, like adding interactive elements at a specific place within a passage. Maybe after the project is done I can clean it up and release to see if other people find it useful, I designed it in a way that it makes really easier for non programmers to use.

I'm also doing taking some time to do a revision on the text, there are many typos and gramatical errors. There are also some parts I'm not happy with, I started writing this story many years ago and my writing has improved since then.

I'm trying to do a monthly update at the very least, hopefully on the next one I'll have something more interesting to share.

See you next time!

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