"Will" is a tiny twine game about acceptance and reflection.

If you had to write a will today, who would you give your stuff to? Would they even care? Maybe it's better not to think about it, like you always did.

cover art by JAP


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Just letting you know, when I left the guitars to charity, the items were not shown in The Will.

thanks, will check it!

I accidentally left the car to my friend instead of my son and freaked out. He is gonna feel so left out. sure he got the chest but is it enough? i game my daughter a house!! I hope they are not competitive.

I enjoyed playing this game. Death and settling material belongings are not sensitive subjects with me so it was more on the side of fun than serious. I do enjoy that it is a topic for a game and makes you think about everything for a minute, though.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to give some feedback! Makes me happy to know that the game had the desired effect on somebody =)